NIBIO Bok formidler resultater fra forsknings-, utviklings- og utredningsarbeid i NIBIO, og inneholder andre utgivelser som for eksempel seminarrapporter og proceedings fra konferanser. Det utkommer omtrent 10 utgaver i året. Målgruppen er vitenskapelig ansatte, veiledere, offentlige myndigheter og de som bruker kunnskapen i praksis.


NIBIO has an extensive professional portfolio, with close to 1500 ongoing projects at any given time. The projects reflect the great diversity and breadth of NIBIO’s professional activities, with regard to goals, market and geographical location. Many are concerned with sustainability. At the same time, many of our disciplines are subject to increasing polarization in society, which can express itself in both oversimplification and misrepresentation of complex issues. This requires an awareness of the role that research and knowledge institutions like NIBIO play, and a conscious approach to the difference between science and politics. For NIBIO it is therefore important to be active throughout the entire knowledge value chain. Our knowledge must be useful – it must be put to use and must contribute to insight and smart decisions that lead to good solutions. Our framework NIBIO — Making Sustainability Meaningful is about precisely that – contributing to the diversity of knowledge needed to balance different and often opposing considerations in an increasingly complex terrain. In this document we have collected 39 articles – selected samples of the great diversity of NIBIO’s professional activities in 2021. Activities and results that each, in their own way, contribute to important knowledge in industry and management, and in society – locally, nationally, and internationally. We hope that these samples inspire you to seek out more information – both about what is presented here and the many other exciting results of NIBIO’s activities.