Nature-based solutions

Nature-based solutions (NBS) represent measures focusing on the restoration, enhancement, and preservation of natural ecosystems.

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There are three central definitions for NBS by EU (2015), IUCN (2016) and UNEP (2022).


Central definitions for NBS (after Sandi et al., 2023)


The concept of NBS is grounded in the knowledge that healthy natural and managed ecosystems produce a diverse range of services on which human wellbeing depends (MEA, 2005).

NBS is conceptualized as an umbrella term for previously existing and frequently used ecosystem-related approaches such as:

  • green infrastructure
  • ecosystem-based adaptation/restoration/mitigation, and
  • ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction


NIBIO has long experience with  development, implementation, monitoring and modeling the effectivness of nature-based solutions within:

 - agricultural dominated catchments:

Guide to environmental measures in agriculture


-urban and peri-urban catchment:

Water environment  - Nature-based solutions (only in Norwegian)




​​​NIBIO researchers were working with Natrue Based Soultions already in JORDFORSK time (one of NIBIO's predesessor). Here photo of JORDFORSK newsletters from the nineties.