In the autumn of 2019, NIBIO moved into the new Innocamp Steinkjer. Among others, we share premises with Nord University and 30 companies and institutions. Innocamp houses a total of 450 employees.

Innocamp Steinkjer is a unique co-location for education, research and business, creating a regional, leading environment for innovation and growth. We aim to be part of the bridge between primary industries and various technology and innovative environments - for the benefit of the region's investment in bioeconomy and circular economy.

At Innocamp, we are part of a research cluster together with Sintef, the District Center, KUN Centre for Equality and Diversity (Center for Knowledge and Development), and Nord University.

NIBIO Steinkjer has researchers from all five of NIBIO’s research divisions, i.e. Food Production and Society, Environment and Natural Resources, Forest and Forest Resources, Biotechnology and Plant Health, and Surveys and Statistics. The work environment is international with employees from 10 different countries.

Steinkjer is the administrative center of Trøndelag, and an interesting small town in rapid development. The municipality hosts one of Norway’s main areas for agriculture and forestry and has an active rural community. The municipality focuses on upbringing, sports and culture. The town is located by the fjord, and there are rich opportunities for hunting, fishing and outdoor life in the region.


Photo: Morten Krogstad


Photo: Morten Krogstad