Forest Operations and Digitalization

The department performs industry-applicable R & D within boreal value chains from planting to delivery at mill gate. Our objective is to be the preferred partner for the national forest sector and for policy-oriented studies while also being competitive in the international research community.

Our research spans the following fields:
  • Forest management and silviculture with focus on tree growth and development within different management regimes. From stand establishment through final harvesting, including intermediate treatments such as fertilization and thinning.
  • Productivity and profitability of all elements in the forest-based value chain, technical machine and machine component development, sensors and automated data capture.
  • Strategic planning of timber harvesting at a landscape level.
  • Planning and operational management of timber harvesting, forest roads, transport and logistics from the forest to the end user. 
  • The department also has the national responsibility for maintenance and revision of NIBIOs unique series of long term forest field trials. The series offers scientists valuable knowledge on the impact of varying forest management and external factors, such as climate change, over time.
  • Applying new technology to the forest sector such as robotics, sensor technology and artificial intelligence.
Our research goal is to contribute to increased innovation, utilization and profitability for forest-based services and products. With competence in multiple fields, our strength is to create overall solutions. 
Photo: Lars Sandved Dalen/NIBIO.