Fungal Plant Pathology in Forestry, Agriculture and Horticulture

This department includes the largest group of experts within plant pathogenic fungi and oomycetes in Norway.

In addition to a national R&D responsibility for fungal diseases in all agricultural crops (agronomic crops, horticultural crops, Christmas tree production, green areas), the section also has responsibility for agrometeorological services.
Important themes and tasks are:
  • Diagnostics of fungi and oomycetes.
  • Biology and epidemiology of fungi and oomycetes.
  • Testing of chemical and biological fungicides, surveying for fungicide resistance.
  • Integrated plant protection: Developing models and warning systems for important diseases; alternative control measures, including physical and biological methods.
  • Quarantine species and new invading species.
  • Fusarium and mycotoxins in cereals.
  • Use competence on fungi and oomycetes outside traditional plant protection, including exploitation of bioactive compounds and development of plant protection of marine plants.
Photo: Venche Talgø.