Department of Horticulture produce R&D on sustainable production of fruits, berries, potatoes, vegetables and herbs, including wild relatives. Both conventional, organic and plant production in field, semi-controlled and controlled systems are in focus. Controlled production systems include greenhouse production, hydroponics and aquaponics. The increasing use of technology and the demand for a bioeconomical horticulture production is reflected in the department’s projects.

Department of Horticulture do research within agronomy, plant physiology and development and do research along the value chain in the following topics:

  • Species and varieties
  • Plant physiology and development
  • Soil- cultivation, compaction and structure
  • Plant establishment, plant quality
  • Delivery of nutrients, fertilization strategies, agronomy
  • Harvesting; strategies, methods and technology
  • Product quality and storage
  • Phenotyping, genotype x environment interactions
  • Modelling



JensPedersen2_Åsmund Asdal.JPG
‘Jens Pedersen’ is regarded as one of the oldest Norwegian apple varieties. This variety has mostly been produced on the Southeast parts of Norway, especially common in old apple yards in Lierne. The fruit is rather small, but taste well. The variety is resistant toward diseases. Photo: Åsmund Asdal.