Eva Solbjørg Flo Heggem

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The Norwegian CORINE land cover (CLC2000) was completed autumn 2008. The CLC map was generated automatically from a number of dataset using GIS-techniques for map generalisation. The CLC map has a coarse resolution and it is also using a classification system developed in an environment very different from the Nordic. It is therefore interesting to evaluate both content and correctness of CLC. This study shows that there is a good resemblance between the CLC classes and detailed, large scale maps. The diversity in classes on the other hand, is lost due to the CLC classification system.


CORINE Land Cover (CLC) is a seamless European land cover vector database. The Norwegian CLC2000 was completed by the Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute (Skog og landskap) in 2008 and was produced from existing national land cover datasets wherever available. CLC has a standardized nomenclature with 44 classes. 31 classes are represented in the Norwegian dataset. CLC is a small scale map showing built up areas, agriculture, forest and semi-natural areas, wetlands and water bodies. CLC has a minimum mapping unit of 25 ha. CLC2000 can be used for visualization of the general land cover patterns in Norway at a scale 1:250 000 or smaller. CLC2000 is representing the land cover situation close to year 20001. This report presents the Norwegian CLC2000 project and the methods and automatic generalization processes that were used in the project. CORINE Land Cover is one of four land cover maps (AR5, AR50, AR250 and CLC) published by Skog og landskap. CLC2000 was produced with support from the European Environmental Agency (EEA) who has joint ownership to the product....