Pesticides in water

When the climate is getting varmer and wetter, the need of pesticides may increase. That may affect the water bodies.

The JOVA-programme

This monitoring programme in small agricultural streams are among other things monitoring pesticides in water. Contact person for the JOVA-program is Marit Hauken, but Marianne Stenrød is contact person for the pesticides in the programme.

The JOVA-program



VIPS is a risk warning service for  plant pests and diseases. Weather data is used in the forecast. Contact person is Berit Nordskog.


The pesticide guide

The pesticide guide is an information service about pesticides that can be used to combat different pests and diseases. The website is maintained by NIBIO, in cooperation with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

The pesticide encyclopedia

The pesticide encyclopedia contains information about biology and the suppression of plant pests and diseases. The website is maintained by researchers in NIBIO. Contact person is Anette Sundbye.

The pesticide encyclopedia


Integrated pest management

The website Integrated pest management contains information about different measures (preventive, mechanic, chemical). The website is maintained by NIBIO. Contact person is Nina Trandem.

Integrated Pest Management