Jian Liu

Research Scientist

(+47) 464 22 528

Ås O43

Visiting address
Oluf Thesens vei 43, 1433 Ås


I am a soil scientist working on agricultural effects on the environment and crop production. By combining experimentation, modeling and data synthesis approaches and collaborating with scientists, students and stakeholders in a wide range of areas, I study agricultural nutrient and water quality management at various spatial and temporal scales, and extend my research to soil health, crop production, greenhouse gas emissions and generally sustainable agriculture.

My research and collaboration interests include:

  • Agricultural impacts on the environment
    • Water and nutrient leaching and runoff, and soil erosion
    • Gas emissions
    • Field and watershed monitoring and modeling
  • Soil fertility and health
    • Nutrient cycling
    • Crop production
  • Best management practice assessment and implementation
    • 4R nutrient stewardship (fertilizers, manure and soil nutrients)
    • Soil (tillage, and biochar and other amendments), crop (crop rotation, catch crop and crop residue), water and livestock management
  • Other general areas
    • Climate impact mitigation and adaptation  
    • Sustainable agriculture
    • International collaborations   

I obtained my Ph.D. in soil science with a focus on phosphorus and water quality management from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Uppsala, Sweden. Before joining NIBIO, I had conducted research at SLU, and in China (Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University, and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences), United States (Pennsylvania State University, and U.S. Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Research Service), and Canada (University of Saskatchewan, and University of Manitoba).

Selected awards:

  • Water Security Research Excellence Award, University of Saskatchewan, 2022.
  • Outstanding Associate Editor Award, Journal of Environmental Quality, 2021.
  • Outstanding Associate Editor Award, Journal of Environmental Quality, 2020.
  • 2nd Prize for Outstanding Scientific Papers (Agricultural & Forestry Subject), Chinese Association for Science and Technology, 2017.

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