Division of Survey and Statistics

The Division of Survey and Statistics aims to provide user-oriented and impartial information about Norway’s land resources, including soils , vegetation and landscapes, as well as agricultural economics and development, for use in planning, resource management, nature conservation, forestry and agricultural activities. We provide a basis for decision-making for both the public and private sectors.

Yngve REkdal 2016_ Jon Schärer
Photo: Jon Schärer
The Division has knowledge and experience to ensure effective capture, management, analysis and presentation of data. We provide information on changes in land resources over time, and advice on the possibilities for their sustainable use and the consequences of different types of use. The Division also contains the Norwegian Genetic Resource Centre which coordinates competence and activities related to the preservation and use of national gene resources of crops, forest trees and domesticated animals, as well as the secretariat function for the Budget Committee for Agriculture, including the preparation of the background material for the annual agricultural negotiations.

We contribute knowledge about the social, economic and geographical framework for further development of the bioeconomy.

The Division consists of seven departments:
  • Department of Farm Economics
  • Department of Agricultural Economics
  • Department of Land Inventory
  • Department of Geomatics
  • Department of Landscape Monitoring
  • Department of Agricultural Soil Survey
  • Department of Land Resource Surveys