Agricultural Economics

The Department of Agricultural Economics carry out data collection and macro level analysis of Norwegian agriculture. This is utilized as documentation basis by public administration, politicians, researchers and educational institutions, such as colleges and universities.

Standardization, dataflow, decision making support in the agriculture, manuals, computing programs and courses are key tasks. The department also contributes in research projects and is the secretariat for the “Budget committee for agriculture” (BCA).
The BCA is responsible for documenting the economic situation in the Norwegian agriculture. The  yearly agricultural negotiations are based on the BCA-reports.
The BCA, which was founded in 1948, is composed by the different parties responsible for the agricultural negotiations. That is the Ministries of agriculture and food, finance, climate and environment, the farmers unisons and neutral representatives. Department of agricultural economics in NIBIO is the secretariat for the Budget committee.

2001-2009_stenset_melhus_kommune_soer-troendelag_oskar puschmann_2.jpg
A farm in Sør-Trøndelag, Norway. Photo: Oskar Puschman.