Division of Food Production and Society

Division of Food Production and Society consists of leading national competences within core research areas such as micro- and macroeconomics, agricultural technology and system analysis, fruit and vegetables, plant production, animal husbandry and cultural landscape and biodiversity.

Veksthus_sarheim Ragnar V Pedersen_nett
Photo: Ragnar Våga Pedersen

The research team contributes with new knowledge concerning food security and safety as well as innovation and value added in the complete value chain for agriculture and food production. Applied knowledge is generated for public governance, business sectors and the society at large.

The research areas plant biology and ecology, system analysis, technology, economics and society are strategic important competences for the institute. These research areas are the foundation for scientific and professional cooperation with other researchers nationally and internationally and with core actors in the Norwegian business communities and public sector.

The division consists of six departments with approximately 120 employees. The employees are located at several locations across the country, including important land areas for agricultural production in Norway.