Biomarine Resource Valorisation

Aquaculture is the fastest growing food sector globally. At NIBIO, we contribute with the transfer of technology and knowledge from green to blue sector with a focus on bioeconomy: sustainable production and valorisation of renewable marine resources, including by-products and waste-streams.

The Department’s areas of expertise include the following topics:


  • Cultivar development and seedling production
  • Cultivation protocols and growth experiments
  • Harvesting, processing and biorefining
  • Product and market development
  • Biostimulants

By-product and waste-stream valorisation

  • Marine oils
  • Feed ingredients
  • Fertilisers and soil improvers
  • Bioenergy

Enabling technologies

  • Cost-effective filter and dewatering systems
  • Stabilisation, sanitation and preservation
  • Feed technologies

Marine value chains

  • Smart, disruptive value chains for optimal resource utilisation
  • Eliminating discards in fisheries
  • Sustainability and life cycle analyses (LCA) 

Marine ecosystems

  • Marine protection areas and ecosystem services
  • Effect of climate change on fisheries and aquaculture
  • Ecosystem-based coastal zone management
  • Aquaculture zone assessments
FAO SOFIA 2020 fig 51.jpg
A silent revolution is underway where aquaculture production surpasses the overall global fisheries. The last time something similar happened was 12,000 years ago, when agriculture overtook hunting and gathering (Agricultural Revolution). Source: FAO