Innovative methods in crop health management

Reducing our dependency on agrochemicals in food and fodder production is a major goal in Norwegian agriculture. However, climate change increases pressure and damage potential from pest organisms, increasing our need for effective pest management strategies. Norway needs smart, customised solutions for robust and steady yields, while reducing the use of pesticides in agriculture.

Innovative methodes in crop health
Photo: Erling Fløistad og Gunda Thöming

Our research is focusing on novel environmentally friendly and effective methods in plant protection. With the development of innovative methods in plant health Norwegian farmers will be able to meet todays and future challenges in managing plant health and crop productivity. This will contribute towards the green shift in agriculture.


Our research approaches are based on:

  • Early detection of pest organisms and sitespecific pest management (optical and chemical senor technology)
  • Manipulating chemical communication and information pathways in pest organisms (Pest management based on insect olfaction)
Integrated pest management IPM