Hopp til hovedinnholdet

Risk warning

Sonevis varsel

Risk of widespread tree mortality (click on the zones in the map)

The risk warning is given for each of 3 geographical zones (see description below) within the total area covered by the bark beetle monitoring program.

There are five risk levels:

Risk level


Map symbol

1. Low risk

No indication of increased risk


2. Medium risk (locally) 

Some localities have some increased risk

Yellow, dotted

3. Medium risk (widespread)

Much of the zone has some increased risk

Yellow, solid

4. High risk (locally)

Some localities have considerably increased risk

Red, dotted

5. High risk (widespread)

Much of the zone has considerably increased risk

Red, solid


The risk warning comes with a three-level estimate of uncertainty:





No or little information is missing. Data is consistent and points in the same direction for several risk factors.



Some information is missing and/or data is inconsistent or conflicting, pointing in different directions for different risk factors



Most information is missing. Data is inconsistent or conflicting for different risk factors.



Risk warning for three geographical zones

The total area covered by the bark beetle monitoring program is divided into three zones. The delimitation of the zones is based on biomes/ecozones and follows the borders of old counties and municipalities.

Zone 1 includes the boreonemoral (hemiboreal) ecozone and other parts of the “Sørlandet” region:

  • Vest-Agder (whole county)
  • Aust-Agder (whole county)
  • Telemark: Kragerø, Bamble, Porsgrunn, Skien, Siljan, Sauherad
  • Vestfold (whole county)
  • Buskerud: Kongsberg, Øvre Eiker, Nedre Eiker, Modum, Hole, Drammen, Lier, Røyken, Hurum
  • Oslo (whole county)
  • Akershus: all municipalities west of Enebakk and Lørenskog (i.e., Vestby, Ski, Ås, Frogn, Oppegård, Nesodden, Asker, Bærum)
  • Østfold (whole county)

Zone 2 includes the southern boreal and middle boreal parts of the “Østlandet” region (i.e., interior parts of Østlandet):

  • Hedmark (whole county)
  • Oppland (whole county)
  • Buskerud: all municipalities not situated in Zone 1
  • Telemark: all municipalities not situated in Zone 1
  • Akershus: all municipalities not situated in Zone 1

Zone 3 includes the boreal parts of the “Trøndelag” and “Helgeland” regions (mostly southern and middle boreal):

  • Sør-Trøndelag (whole county)
  • Nord-Trøndelag (whole county)
  • Nordland (north to Saltfjellet)