Åsmund Mikalsen Kvifte

Research Scientist

(+47) 954 71 247


Visiting address
Fure, 6967 Hellevik i fjaler


In Norway, the effect of drainage on grassland yields has received little attention for decades. Low level of drainage may be a reason for low grassland production. Therefore, a drainage experiment was established in a western Norwegian ley, on a sandy silt soil with a high capacity for water storage. The plots had six and twelve meters drain spacing, as well as undrained. There were two or three cuts, and fertilization of 190 or 290 kg N yr-1 ha-1. Drainage intensity gave a small significant increase in yield. N loss in drainage water increased with drainage intensity. The yield increase is likely too small to justify drainage, but the intervention might still be worthwhile due to increased N efficiency and a more manageable risk of compaction. A precise quantification of the hydrological effects is hard due to inherent soil variability.