Privacy Statement for Teams and SharePoint

This privacy statement describes how NIBIO collects and uses personal information in Teams and SharePoint. The goal is to provide you with general information about our processing of personal data.

NIBIO is responsible for processing our personal data. This statement is subject to continuous updates.

When do Teams and SharePoint collect personal information? 

We mainly process information that you have provided to us for one of the following reasons: 

  • In order to work with NIBIO and others in Teams and SharePoint project rooms that NIBIO owns, we need your name and email address in order to link you up. 

Your rights 

You can exercise your rights by emailing or by contacting our Data Protection Officer. You are entitled to a reply without undue delay, and no later than 30 days. 

Access to own information 

You can request a copy of all the information we process about you. 

Correction of personal data 

You can ask us to correct or supplement any information that is incorrect or misleading. 

Deletion of personal data 

In certain situations, you can ask us to delete information about yourself. 

Limitation of processing of personal data 

In some situations, you may also ask us to restrict the processing of information about you. 

Objection against a processing of personal data 

If we process information about you on the basis of our assignments or on the basis of a balance of interests, you have the right to object to our processing of information about you. 

Data portability 

If we process information about you on the basis of consent or a contract, you can ask us to transfer information about you to you or to another Data Controller. 

Withdraw consent 

If your personal data is processed on the basis of your consent, you can withdraw your consent at any time. 

You can complain about our processing of personal data 

We hope you will tell us if you believe we do not comply with the rules of the Personal Data Act. Make contact first with our Data Protection Officer. 

You can also complain about our processing of personal data. You direct your complaint to the Data Protection Authority.

What is registered about you? 

Overview of what information is recorded in which situations and associated treatment bases, cf. the Privacy Policy. 

Your name and email address are required to provide you with a Teams and SharePoint user. The email address is used to create a Microsoft account, which is a technical requirement for using Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint (associated with login). 

When you create a user / Microsoft account, you also agree that NIBIO will store the personal information, as described above. Consent pursuant to Article 6 (1) a. of the General Data Protection Regulation. 

Cooperation agreements between organizations can also regulate the storage of personal data. Regulated in agreement in accordance with Article 6 (1) (b) of the Privacy Regulation. 

Who we share information with 

Our IT service providers may have access to personal data if personal data is stored with the service provider or is otherwise available to the service provider in accordance with the contract with us. The service provider act in accordance with the data processing agreement and under our instructions. The service provider can only use the personal data for the purposes we have determined and which are described in this privacy statement. 

Members of the same project room (in Teams and SharePoint) will also have access to your personal information (name and email address), but each project room is closed to the rest of NIBIO. 

Storing personal data 

When the project / collaboration ends, your personal information provided in connection with the collaboration with NIBIO will be deleted. 

Information security and data processors in Teams and SharePoint 

We have established procedures to handle personal data securely. The measures are both technical and organizational. We make regular assessments of the security of all central systems used for the processing of personal data, and agreements have been signed that require provideres of such systems to provide satisfactory information security. 

Access to personal data is limited to personnel who need access to perform their tasks. 

We have internal IT guidelines, and we regularly train employees regarding the security and use of IT systems. 

Changes to the Privacy Statement 

We will be able to make minor changes to this privacy statement. You will always find the latest version on our website. In the event of significant changes, you will be notified. 

Contact us 

If you have any questions or comments regarding our privacy statement or wish to exercise your rights, please contact us: 

Teams and SharePoint operations and management in NIBIO: 

NIBIO Data Protection Officer: Link to the left