Camilla Baumann

Senior Adviser

(+47) 970 75 525

Ås H7

Visiting address
Høgskoleveien 7, 1433 Ås


NIBIO – the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research - develops knowledge on what the Norwegian bioeconomy actually is. NIBIO has a strong focus on sustainability, value creation and the primary industries’ knowledge requirements. At the same time, the environment, resource base and climate are core areas in our work. This gives us a unique combination of expertise, with which we can integrate questions of production with environmental challenges, and where economic and social dimensions are included. Basic knowledge of biology and biological processes linked to advanced technology provides us with opportunities for new understanding, new solutions and increased value creation. It is important for NIBIO that our knowledge is of use for industry, the administration, decision makers and other research institutions. NIBIO - Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research was established July 1 2015 as a merger between the Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research, the Norwegian Agricultural Economics Research Institute and Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute. In this brochure we present a taste of the projects we have worked on in NIBO’s first year, examples that show the institute’s breadth and potential.