NIBIO Bergen is situated on the eighth floor of Høyteknologisenteret at Marineholmen, on the outskirts of downtown Bergen.  Located near the Florida light-rail stop, Marineholmen is easy to access from both downtown Bergen and Bergen airport Flesland.

NIBIO Bergen has around 20 employees in total, across all five of NIBIO’s divisions. The two main working areas for the Bergen staff are agricultural economics and biodiversity in forests. 

Working areas

The survey of agriculture and forestry accounting statistics is an annual, national review that presents the status and development of the agricultural economy. Analysis of the survey provides a basis for guidance, research, and education. The social-science team is also working on several projects, involving such diverse topics as horticultural economics, agricultural tourism, and value-creation analysis. Several of the projects are linked to regions of Southern and Western Norway, but the we are also involved in national and international projects. 

The research focus of the biodiversity team is on how forest biodiversity is distributed across time and space. This has paved the way for a method for how biodiversity can be taken into account during logging activities, which in turn is a main component in the certification of timber. NIBIO Bergen also has strong expertise in agricultural entomology and genetics, and the project portfolio cover the whole range from the regional level to EU projects.

Network and collaboration

The office is located in close proximity to key partners, such as the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Bergen, the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA), and the County Governor of Vestland. Local farming organizations in Western Norway and forest owner’s organisations like Vestskog are important industry stakeholders with whom we collaborate.


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Photo: Kjersti Kildahl