Plant Diseases

Plant diseases can be caused by fungi, bacteria and viruses. NIBIO has the most comprehensive knowledge of plant diseases in Norway, and our researchers perform research, monitoring and management activities relating to agriculture, private gardens, forestry and green spaces.

Photo: Erling Fløistad

Plant disease is a key field within the topic of plant health. Each year, plant diseases cause major economic loss due to reduced crop yields and reduced product quality. Crop loss also has an indirect and unnecessary impact on the environment and carbon emissions. We divide plant diseases into three main groups: disease caused by fungi and fungi-like organisms, bacteria and viruses.

NIBIO's work involves identifying pests and researching the associated biology to understand how we can prevent crop loss and what measures can be used to control pests.

We share these results in the form of advice to industry players and government agencies, and in scientific reports and publications available to all interested parties. We collaborate with professionals and researchers in Norway and abroad and participate in international projects. Many of the challenges we face are shared by other countries. Some plant diseases are newcomers as a result of increased international trade and climate change.