Invertebrate Pests and Beneficials

NIBIO has the most comprehensive knowledge of pests, such as insects, mites and snails, in Norway. We perform research, development and innovation work relating to monitoring, understanding the biology and controlling pests in agriculture, forestry, nurseries, Christmas tree farms and green spaces.

Photo: Erling Fløistad

The current focus areas within our work include:

  • Identification of pests and beneficial organisms
  • Biology, ecology and control of pests
  • Monitoring of pests in forests
  • Interaction between plant pests and their natural predators
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM), including: preparing warning models, using sensors for accurate control and warning, tackling pesticide resistance
  • Alternative control methods, including: biotechnical control (via semiochemicals, for example), biological control, physical control and preventive measures
  • Agronomic testing of chemical and biological pesticides
  • Quarantine pests and non-native invasive species
  • Use of organism-specific expertise beyond traditional pest management, including activities relating to biodiversity, vectors, pollination ecology, bioactive compounds and insects as a protein source



VIPS is an online forecast and information service for decision support in integrated management of pests, diseases and weeds.

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