Smoothies, purees and mixed products from vegetable rest fractions

Second class vegetables, mostly ending up as animal feed, consist of vegetables with wrong size, shape, color or other visual defects. Major parts of them are edible (food grade) and nutritious. Such material originates from vegetable field, storage houses, sorting lines or processing lines. They provide valuable resources as co-streams which can be up-cycled by utilization in new products like smoothies and purees which can be further utilized as ingredients in drinks and soups or in combination products with minced meat and fish.

rest fractions Foto Randi eller Ingunn (10)
Cracked and malformed roots and outer leaves of vegetables can be utilized as puree, smoothies, juice and as ingredient in mixed food products. Photo: Erling Fløistad
Our research has been related to quality improvement and suitable sorting and utilization of second class root crops and fractions of outer leaves from leafy vegetables.

We characterize of the raw materials with respect specific purposes like ability for fermentation (acidity and sugar content) and quality characteristics relevant for use in smoothies, purees. The basic raw materials can be further utilized  in combination products with meat or fish.

Our aim is to preserve nutritious compounds and sensory quality. We also work with alternation of bio-compounds by elicitor treatment of raw materials.

Our research focus is to find relevant raw materials for utilization on new food products to be further developed by the food industry.