Flood and erosion

With more extrme rainfall events, increased risk of flood and soil erosion is expected. Which measures will be important to reduce flood damages on the field and leakage of soil and nutrients to water?

Erosjon trøgstad 058_INGA.jpg
Foto: Inga Greipsland


The climate is expected to be wetter, warmer and wilder. The risk of soil erosion will increase, and thereby also the risk of more leakage of nutrients from the agriculture to water bodies. Additionally, higher summer temperatures may increase the blooming of toxic algae in lakes and coastal areas. This implies that we should continue and increase the focus on water quality measures. The measures we know by now will be more important: 

  • Measures that ensures vegetation cover, like redused tillage and gras covered water ways.
  • Vegetated buffer zones along streams and lakes.
  • Sedimentation ponds which can catch sediments and nutrients which have leaked out in the stream.
  • Hydrotechnical measures may ensure that the water is lead away from the field, but make sure that they are not causing increased erosion.
  • Make sure that measures upstream are not causing more problems downstream. 
  • Delay the water (reduce the flood peak)
  • Drain the water away
  • Infiltrate the water (prevent soil compaction)