Vision / Approach

Modeling represents a collective effort and teamwork, with the shared objective of advancing towards the top of the knowledge pyramid. In a cohesive environment, everyone works together to refine raw data into meaningful information, synthesize knowledge, and ultimately, contribute to the wise insights. Each team member plays a crucial role, bringing unique skills and expertise to the table. This dynamic fosters an atmosphere dedicated to delivering actionable knowledge, supporting decisions, and informing policy-making at various levels for a diverse range of stakeholders within the modeling group.

& EMG representat(s):

Remegio Confesor

Csilla Farkas

Attila Nemes

Jannes Stolte

Junbin Zhao


EMG drafted “mission”

Our mission is to provide competency-based and cutting-edge research and offer innovative consultancy services in the fields of hydrology, soil, agriculture, and ecosystem fluxes. Through the application of environmental modelling, statistical analysis, and experimental methods, we aim to offer valuable insights into complex multidimensional natural and socio-economic phenomena. Our commitment extends to supporting sustainable development and steering impactful policy interventions at the national, regional, and global levels.




Knowledge pyramid / wisdom Hierarchy (Ackoff 1989, Tedeschi, 2019)


In this vein, in our Environmental Modelling Group (EMG), we adopt a strategic planning approach for translating our ambitious dreams into actions as well as providing better alignment and coordination of this initiative. This multifaceted approach introduces a range of benefits, including strategic thinking, efficient resources allocation, evaluation internal and external opportunities, teamwork and capacity building, and leadership development. Figure 2 shows the elements of strategic planning which is also known as Strategy Pyramid. So far, we co-defined and drafted our mission and vision as presented in the following. A vision statement is an aspirational description of what it wants to achieve in the future. A good vision statement provides a clear picture of what our group aspires to achieve in the long term. On the other hand, the mission statement is a concise explanation of the group's reason for existence. It describes the group's purpose and its overall intention.


Elements of strategic planning (strategy pyramid)


EMG drafted "vision"

Within five years (2028), EMG will be the NIBIO Environmental Modeling Center which is committed to becoming a nationally recognized leader for top-quality research and consultancy programs in data-driven and environmental decision making in Norway. Our main Areas of activities are:

  • Hydrological modeling and analysis
  • Ecosystem modelling and assessment
  • Developing and evaluating mitigation measures
  • Soil, land use and forest modelling
  • Socio-ecological modelling and prediction
  • Multi-objective optimization and decision making