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Norwegian Case Study


Kråkstadelva catchment

Poster presenting main information about Norwegain Case Study - Kråkstadelva catchment:

Case Study into proster.JPG
Poster about the Høbol catchment (2020). See also information at the OPTAIN website: https://www.optain.eu/case-studies-and-actors-involvement/hobol

Below we breafly present the activites performed by NIBIO within the case study:

 - Field visits

 - Selection of measures with stakeholders (WP2)

 - Seting up monitoring stations

Case Study_2021.JPG
Poster presented at project GA in Warsaw (NIBIO, 2021)

- Location and description of already implemented measures (WP2)

- Finding the potential location for more measures in the catchment, together with stakeholders (WP2, WP4)

 - Policy survey (WP6)

 - Selection of case study specific environmental performance indicatros (EPI) and socio-economical performance indicators (SPI), with stakeholders involvment (WP2)

      ⇒ see also relevant deliverable report

 - Documentaion of measures in WOCAT database (WP2)

        ⇒ see also relevant deliverable report

Case Study_2022.JPG
Poster presented on project GA in Hungary (NIBIO, 2022)

On going activites within case study:

 - Data collection, overcoming data scarcity etc. (WP3)

     ⇒ see also relevant deliverable report

 - Field scale modeling - SWAP model (WP4)

   ⇒ relevant deliverable report comming soon

 - Preparation of the inputs for SWAT modeling and optimisation (WP4 and WP5)

   ⇒ relevant deliverable report comming soon

 - Preparation of socio-economical modeling (WP4)


For more information about the project and the activities in the Norwegian case study and other case studies look up the OPTAIN project website: https://www.optain.eu/