Ana María De Lera Garrido

Research Scientist

(+47) 960 17 468

Ås H8

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Høgskoleveien 8, 1433 Ås

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The aim of this study was to analyze the accuracy of predictions of dominant height, mean height, basal area, and volume from the nationwide forest attribute map (SR16). The analysis took advantage of field observations from 33 different forest inventory projects across Norway used for validation. Forest attributes for more than 5000 plots were predicted using non-stratified and stratified models of SR16 and the predictions were compared against corresponding ground reference values. Finally, the effect of different factors that might have influenced the prediction errors were analyzed using partial least squared regression (PLSR) to determine under which conditions the SR16 is less apt. The overall results across all plots were adequate (RMSE of 10%, MD of 2% for dominant and mean height; RMSE of 28%, MD of 4% for basal area; RMSE of 31%, MD of 5% for volume). However, when the accuracy was assessed locally for each inventory project, large differences in accuracy were observed. The MD% values for some inventory projects were substantial (>30% for basal area and volume). The results showed that stratification did not necessarily improve the results and that factors related to the forest structure had the greatest impact on the PLSR analysis.