Farm Management Economics

Department of Farm Management Economics is responsible for the Survey of Account Statistics for Agriculture and Forestry (Norwegian FADN). In addition, the department offers economic investigations and participates in research projects.

The department’s main tasks are data collection, preparation of statistics and performance of economic analyses for use in economic counselling, education, research, public management and policy-making.
The survey of account statistics for agriculture and forestry is aimed at presenting economic results from agriculture, forestry and other gainful activities for family-run farms. The survey is based on data from farms of different sizes, with various productions and a geographical spread.
Both data and expertise established through the survey together with general business economics competence gives a foundation for economic investigations and research tasks. We have clients in both private enterprises and public sector. Among others, the department’s project portfolio includes topics like:

  • Economic analyses of various livestock- and plant-productions and other gainful activities.
  • Value creation in agriculture.
  • Various agriculture economics analyses on both regional and national level.

Our staff is located at NIBIO’s offices in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Bodø.

Ås, Norway. Photo: Svein Skøyen.