Division of Environment and Natural Resources

NIBIO’s Division of Environment and Natural Resources is an R&D driven professional environment within research on soil, water, waste, vegetation, green technology and climate. The aim is to find, present and make use of research-based knowledge when trying to understand, protect and utilise our environment and natural resources in the best possible way.

vann og landbruk_Foto Ragnar v pedersen
Photo: Ragnar Våga Pedersen
By developing and documenting biology based environmental technology and natural processes, the Division contributes to the development of bioeconomy in Norway and abroad. New technology and systems for sustainable recycling of industrial and energy resources in waste, forest and by-products, are all central in this. Urban greening is another important field, as it contributes to the mitigation of extreme weather effects and provides better utilisation of local resources.

The Norwegian Agricultural Environmental Monitoring Programme (JOVA) is administered by the Division. The programme documents the environmental effects of agricultural management practices and provides data for agricultural and environmental management, and national and international research.
The Division also takes part in several international projects, both in Europe and in other parts of the world such as India, Africa and South-East Asia where climate-smart agriculture and integrated water resource management is of utmost importance.