Viruses, Bacteria and Nematodes in Forestry, Agriculture and Horticulture

Main research areas, activities and responsibilities of Department of Virus, Bacteria and Nematodes:

  • Studies on the biology and epidemiology of viruses, bacteria and nematodes.

  • Studies on plant-pathogen interactions and mechanisms to develop resistance to viruses and nematodes.

  • Discovery and exploitation (bioprospecting) of bioactive compounds with health promoting benefits and industrial applications from natural resources.

  • Develop and utilize plants and microalgae as a platform for protein and vaccine production.

  • Develop and establish efficient methods to generate and maintain virus-free plant material for the production of vegetatively propagated crops (i.e. cryotherapy and cryopreservation).

  • Diagnostics of viruses, bacteria and nematodes based on biological and molecular approaches.

  • Reference laboratory for the detection and identification of quarantine diseases.

  • Reference laboratory for the detection and identification of plant diseases occurring in Norway.

  • Stress responses in microalgae, secondary metabolites and production of algae biomass with product-targeted composition.

  • Bioprospecting of high-value products, e.g. cancer inhibitors and immune-stimulating compounds from microalgae

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Photo: Johannes Øydvin.