Support tools

Support tools assist modellers at NIBIO in areas such as data gathering, data processing, model parameterization and calibration as well as interpreation of output.



A large fraction of the workload for a “modeler” in environmental sciences consists of “workflows”. These workflows typically revolve around getting data, converting data, processing data before actually using the data in a model. Even once used, data needs to be post-processed before it can bring meaningful insight. As such, coding, scripting, automation “tools” are used by many employees at NIBIO. However, the use of these tools is often restricted to either the author, or the small network of close colleagues, even if they could be useful to a wide variety of researchers at NIBIO (or even the global research community). Miljotools aims to partially remedy the fragmentation useful “tools” by providing a repository of generalized and documented functions, workflows, scripts, etc. These are provided in an open-source R package “miljotools”


You can read more about this project on GitHub:


Note: This unofficial side project is still in its infancy, and currently does not encompass much functionality. If you would like to contribute, please reach out to the maintainer for developer access and/or assistance in implementation.







rswap is an R-package designed to help interface and work with SWAP4.2. It consists of a variety of functions that assist the user in otherwise tedious and repetitive tasks during the calibration process. Additionally, the package allows for control of the model and its input parameters entirely through the R programming environment, allowing for easy implementation of advanced and automated workflows as well as connecting the model to the vast capabilities of other R-based research packages. The scope of the package will hopefully be expanded overtime to include sensitivity analysis, multi-core parallelization, autocalibration / PEST integration, scenario runs, and much more.

You can read more about this package on GitHub: