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NIBIO is a project driven research institute and collects approximately 100 million NOK annually in project funding from both national and international sources. A lot of activity is carried out through EU and EEA-projects and we also participate in research projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America. NIBIO coordinates several large international projects with a particular focus on food security and climate change. The list of projects is not complete.

Atj 2018-3562

Division of Environment and Natural Resources

IRIDA: Innovative remote and ground sensors, data and tools into a decision support system for agriculture water management

Efficient agriculture water use is of crucial importance for water resources management. Evapotranspiration is an important part of the water cycle, as it is the sum of evaporation and plant transpiration from the Earth's land and ocean surface to the atmosphere. Consequently, accurately determining evapotranspiration (ET) is the first step for improving irrigation efficiency and productivity and for quantifying the ecosystem water balance.

Finished Updated: 03.09.2022
End: sep 2022
Start: may 2016
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NORRA: Development of data-modelling system and the decision support tool

The general principles of the water use and protection are established by the Water Act, which is based on the EU Framework Directive on water policy and the Framework Directive on the sea strategy in order to ensure sustainable development and the natural status of water, and keep the quality, amount and regime of surface and groundwater as unviolated by human activity as possible. The aim of both directives is to ensure or acquire a good water status of inland bodies of surface water and coastal waters by 2015 and for the sea by the year 2021.

Finished Updated: 21.09.2020
End: apr 2021
Start: mar 2014