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NORRA: Development of data-modelling system and the decision support tool

Finished Last updated: 21.09.2020
End: apr 2021
Start: mar 2014

The general principles of the water use and protection are established by the Water Act, which is based on the EU Framework Directive on water policy and the Framework Directive on the sea strategy in order to ensure sustainable development and the natural status of water, and keep the quality, amount and regime of surface and groundwater as unviolated by human activity as possible. The aim of both directives is to ensure or acquire a good water status of inland bodies of surface water and coastal waters by 2015 and for the sea by the year 2021.

Status Active
Start - end date 01.03.2014 - 30.04.2021
Project manager Per Stålnacke
Department Department of Research
Total budget 20440000

Based on the water economy plans, 74% of Estonian rivers, 50% of lakes and only 2 of 16 coastal water bodies have been evaluated having at least good ecological status. The aim of planning water protection and use is to continuously improve the condition of water by decreasing the load of human activity on the water environment and obtaining measures for decreasing the load and improving its status.

To have organized systemic water protection is necessary to ensure continuous information reception about the status of water bodies, the load on the water environment and the measures implemented.

The aim of the project is the development of the system enabling the use of different models for modeling marine and inland water related processes. Realization of the project contributes to the management of the protection of the bodies of water and the data related incl. improving the availability of data related to its condition, load and measures. The competent instances will have a chance to use data operationally and save hours while making various decisions.