Division of Environment and Natural Resources

PacKnoPlast - Sustainable decision-making for food packaging given consumer rejection of plastic

Active Last updated: 25.11.2019
End: jun 2022
Start: apr 2019

The project aims to develop environmentally friendly food packaging solutions where the use of plastic packaging is limited to where plastics is environmentally preferable to other materials and needed to preserve food quality through distribution, storage and use.

External project link Project website at Cristin
Start - end date 01.04.2019 - 30.06.2022
Project manager Cecilia Askham, Østfoldforskning
Division Division of Environment and Natural Resources
Department Bioresources and Recycling Technologies
Total budget NOK 11,2

The project will gain new knowledge and capacity in the Norwegian food industry about the role of plastics as a food-packaging material in a sustainability perspective. Focus will be on the functions of plastic packaging related to preserving and distributing the product, the risk of wrongful disposal and environmental impacts through the value chain.

Within the project, NIBIO will work on identification and fate studies of plastics, particularly related to fragmentation and behavior in soil.