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Division of Biotechnology and Plant Health

Middelfunn 2016

Finished Last updated: 01.10.2018
End: dec 2016
Start: apr 2016
We want everyone in Norway to have easy access to our findings of pesticides in food and the environment. In 2016 we start planning an interactive web application that in the end will make data from the monitoring of pesticides in food and the environment in Norway easily accessible.
Start - end date 01.04.2016 - 31.12.2016
Project manager at Nibio Marit Almvik
Division Division of Biotechnology and Plant Health
Department Pesticides and Natural Products Chemistry
Funding source Ministry of Agriculture and Food


This web application will enable users, eg. Norwegian Agricultural Extension Service and farmers, to extract assemblies, graphs and time series of pesticide residues in Norwegian products, time series of pesticides found in agriculture streams and degradation rate of pesticides in Norwegian soil. The application will also include a guide for interpreting the data.

The tool can help increase awareness about the pesticides that may pose a risk in various commodities and under different soil/climate conditions - and which pesticides pose no risk – so that farmers can make good choices of pesticides to be used in their cultivation.

In 2016 we will develop a strategy for how existing databases of pesticide findings can be collected and how the web application architecture should be in order for users to extract data in a timely and quality-assured form.