Ås O43

Oluf Thesens vei 43 (O43, formerly called Jordforskbygningen), is owned by Stiftelsen jord- og myrundersøkelser, and houses the major part of the Division of Environment and Natural Resources. It also contains laboratories for soil, water, wastes and filter materials of various scales.

A soil physical laboratory can offer analytical services for a number of hydrological and other physical properties of soil. The research station possesses laboratories and equipment for characterising organic material, analyses of carbon and climate gases in soil. We also have laboratory facilities for studies of ecotoxicological effects at several trophic levels in soil, of chemicals potentially harmful to health and the environment, including nanoparticles.

Much of the research is otherwise conducted in the field, in monitoring schemes, and in polluted sites, and in other affected or non-affected terrestrial localities. A group for technical measurements specialises in environmental and ground water monitoring, facilitating measurement processes with respect to choice of sensors and loggers, and enabling the automatic or manual collection of data. The group offers services in water flow measurement using modern sensor technology, water quality sensors for use in the field, data logging and data presentation with web-based solutions. The group has long experience in the establishment and running of measurement stations and can tailor solutions to individual requirements.


Photo: Ragnar Våga Pedersen.

Visting Address: Oluf Thesens vei 43, 1433 Ås

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