Jerusalem Artichoke cultivation in northern climate

The vegetable tuber crop Helianthus tuberosus, with the common name Jerusalem artichoke or sunshoke, is a crop with a genetic determined day length dependency for tuber initiation. Our main aims of the studies is to test ability of growing new genetic variants mainly imported from Canada and other northern European countries under different latitudes in Norway and evaluate content of biochemical (inulin) and the tuber form with focus on washing and peeling ability. Our research also deals with development of healthy snack products from J. artichokes. Feeding trials are performed at Norwegian University of Life Sciences to reduce skatole level and intestinal microbiota in the gut of entire male pigs.

2010 278
Flowering varieties of Jerusalem Artichoke in an experimental field at NIBIO Landvik, research scientist Randi Seljaasen. Photo: Ove Hetland / NIBIO
Vasket jordskokk elveru Foto RS 07 (1).JPG
Jerusalem artichoke makes frost tolerant root tubers which can be harvested in late autumn or during the wither and spring under Norwegian conditions. Photo: Randi Seljaasen.