Network of local food expertise in the North

NIBIO Holt is responsible for the network of local food expertise in North Norway, which is part of Innovation Norway's development program for growth and value creation in the agriculture and reindeer herding sectors. The network will contribute to increased value creation for Arctic food through skill building and will offer courses, visits and other programs.

The main target groups are primary producers and food companies striving to develop, enhance and sell quality products based on local raw materials, and tourism companies that have development projects in cooperation with local food producers. The network of expertise will assist these small and medium-sized companies in accessing the skills they need to develop further.

We offer a number of courses throughout the region on subjects relating to both food and the market. The market courses are conducted in collaboration with the organization Matmerk. The courses are developed annually based on the needs of the industry in North Norway.

In addition to courses, we also offer a visit program. As part of the visit program, a specialist will visit the food company for up to two days to address its specific needs, free of charge. Such visits have been an important factor in the development of several food companies. Matmerk also offers a visit program to help companies move forward with sales and marketing efforts.