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Total utilization of raw materials in the supply chain for food with a bio-economical perspective

Slutt: dec 2016
Start: apr 2013

Vision CYCLE: Opening the door to a future of safe food and sustainable value chains. The main objective is to introduce a holistic approach to improve resource utilization in the Norwegian food chain by developing knowledge and sustainable solutions for eco-friendly bio-processes and technology within a bio-economical perspective. The foreseen outcomes of CYCLE are: a) Novel applied automated quality differentiation and sorting concepts that increase resource utilization of food loss (co-streams) and reduce waste; b) Novel bioprocessing technology and processes for better utilization of co-streams and waste; c) New concepts for improved food safety and efficient logistic along the entire value chain; d) Socio-economical, environmental, and market/customer based study, linking all of the previous aspects into a cycle perspective. e) Generate more value for the food industry; f) Strengthen the Norwegian food technology vendor industry; g) Reduce overall food loss and waste.

Status Avsluttet
Start- og sluttdato 01.04.2013 - 31.12.2016
Prosjektleder Anne-Kristin Løes