Hopp til hovedinnholdet

International management of seal. Innovations for a new seal market.

Finished Last updated: 10.05.2020
End: mar 2011
Start: feb 2010

On May 5th 2009, the European Parliament passed through a legislation that imposed a ban on import of all seal products to the EU. Exceptions were made for products stemming from traditional Inuit hunt, tourist import and products from measures implemented to maintain marine resources, including fish stocks.

Status Concluded
Start - end date 01.02.2010 - 07.03.2011
Project manager Liv Jorunn Hind

From February 2010 to March 2011 NORA and Nordland fylkeskommune was financial partners of this preliminary project. The project was dedicated to initiate partners from Norway, Iceland and Greenland to design and develop a proposal for a main project.

The three main tasks during the project periode were to:

- Establish a network for a main project

- Identify some main challenges for sustainable seal hunt in each country

- Design and write a proposal for a main project

During the preliminary project we established a contact group existing of researchers, sealers, designers and regional administrators with a mutual interest for the future of the sealing industry. We also had some contact with relevant informants outside of the NORA main focus area, the most relevant being contacts in Canada, Finland and Scotland.

Through document studies and information from our contacts, we have briefly reviewed the overall sealing situation in countries included in the preliminary project. Each country has its own perspectives related to sealing, different ways of managing the industry and different challanges related to the EU legislation.