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The project will put in significant resources in sharing and disseminating knowledge generated within the project. We belive that two- way communication will result in better outcomes. Different methods and materials will be used for dissemination, targeting different stakeholders.


Our brochures are short pamphlets that give information about the project and its scope. 


ClimaRice project brochure



 Our newsletters give information about news and events from the project and will be published regularly.


Newsletter, February 2012


Newsletter, January 2011


Our reports are scientific reports based on findings from the project research, as well as project reports on the progress of the project.


Climate change and the role of gender: A study from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu in South India, Report No.2, July 2012


ClimaRice II Inception Report


Proceedings of Stakeholders Review Meeting in Regional Agricultural Research station (RARS), Lam, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh (07 May 2012)

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2nd Annual Review Meeting 12-15 February 2012

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MSc Abstracts:


Babar Ashok Baliram: Economic analysis of crop insurance schemes and payouts in sustaining rice production due to climate change in the Krishna river basin of Andhra Pradesh.

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N. S. Praveen Kumar: Assessment of Vulnerability Index and Adaption strategies in Rice production due to the climate change under Krishna River basin of Andhra Pradesh.

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Technical briefs

Our technical briefs are short summaries of the methods used for data collection and findings from the research, provided in an easily accessible form and targeting stakeholders.


Technical Brief No. 17 Climate Adaptation and Mitigation through ICT Innovation - Exploring Potentials for Forecasting Pest and Disease Risks in Rice


Technical Brief No. 16 Uncertainties in Climate Model Projections - Implications on Applications


Technical Brief No.13 Report on the Role of Photosynthetic Diazotrophs in Reducing Methane Flux from Rice Soil Ecosystem


Technical Brief No.12 Report on System of Rice Intensification (SRI) – An Adaptation Technology for Changing ClimateCapacity building Programmes and their impacts at Cauvery basin


Technical Brief No.11Report on Capacity building Programmes and their impacts at Cauvery basin


Technical Brief No.10 Testing Climate uncertainties and validating selected technologies on farmers fields


Technical Brief No.9 Biofertilizers in minimizing climate change impacts in rice farming


Technical Brief No.8 Machine Transplantation: Labour and Water Saving Technology in Paddy Cultivation


Technical brief No. 7 Adaptation of Direct Seeded Rice under Water Stress Conditions in Andhra Pradesh,Krishna Basin


Technical brief No. 6 Mobile Technology in ClimaRice II


Technical brief No. 5 Review on Climate Control Chamber Studies


Technical brief No. 4 Algal Carbon sequestration in rice soil ecosystem


Technical brief No. 3 Historical review on rice varieties of Tamil Nadu


Technical brief No. 2 Uncertainties in regional climate change projections, Part I: Choice of global climate models for regional downscaling


Technical brief No. 1 Gender analysis in ClimaRice


Technical Brief No.14 Report on Barn yard millet for alternate cropping during droughts (in Tamil language)

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Media coverage of ClimaRice

"Effective response to climate change threat stressed"

Newsarticle in The Hindu, 02/ 2011


"Bondevett mot klimaskader" 

Newsarticle in the Norwegian newspaper Bistandsaktuelt,6/4/10  


"Brekk ser India som en døråpner" 

Newsarticle in the Norwegian newspaper Trønderavisa, 26/2/10


"Norway team takes stock of project" 
Newsarticle in The Hindu 17/2/10 


"Norway pledges RS 7 crore for Climarice project" 
Newsarticle in the Hindu, 17/2/10


"Initiative on reducing effects of climatic changes" 
Newsarticle in The Hindu, 25/11/09