Hopp til hovedinnholdet

Division of Forest and Forest Resources


Photo: Synne Strømmen
Active Last updated: 01.03.2024
End: apr 2024
Start: nov 2020

The goal of this project centers around designing innovative systems from wood biomass to create advanced lignocellulosic materials. These materials will be engineered to withstand fluctuations in humidity, temperature, and potentially fire conditions. One of the primary objectives of the project is to examine the effect of nano and micro carbon molecules on the thermal degradation process.

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Start - end date 01.11.2020 - 30.04.2024
Project manager at Nibio Erik Larnøy
Division Division of Forest and Forest Resources
Department Wood Technology

In parallel, as a second goal, we intend to develop a new technology method for chemically modifying lignocellulosic material to enhance its water resistance. This will involve an assessment of how various silanes and natural polymers influence the hygroscopicity and absorptivity of these materials. The project also envisages exploiting wood and paper, modifying them with carbon micro and nano-particles to create a unique material with increased resistance to fire and heat radiation. This innovative material aims to optimize the dimensional stability of wood and lignocellulosic materials.

The project goals are as follows:

  • Work Package 1: Produce modified lignocellulosic materials (wood or paper) bringing improved resistance to fire. This will involve modifications using different carbon sources and characterizing the new materials' fire properties.
  • Work Package 2: Develop hydrophobic lignocellulosic materials and assess hydrophobic properties of these materials.
  • Work Package 3: Create new products from secondary wood components, using either pressing or molding techniques. This will involve combining wood by-products or modified wood by-products with other chemicals.
  • Work Package 4: Improve the surface of the boards to become hydrophobic, and reduce the box compression test (BCT) loss of corrugated board transport packaging under high humidity exposure.
  • Work Package 5: The ultimate aim is to bring the newly developed technology for producing this innovative material to the 6th level of technological readiness (TRL6).