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Integrated Carbon Observation System in Norway – Terrestrial Part ICOS

Finished Last updated: 02.11.2017
End: jun 2021
Start: jul 2016

The terrestrial component of ICOS Norway aims at monitoring the Greenhouse gas (GHG) balance of key Norwegian land ecosystems and at understanding their response to climate change, variability and extreme events. In this first phase, we concentrate our efforts on forest ecosystems The terrestrial component is represented by a planned class 2 station located in Southeast Norway in the community of Hurdal, Akershus county. 

Start - end date 01.07.2016 - 30.06.2021
Project manager Holger Lange

The station is being installed in a mature Norway spruce forest stand and directly benefits from other monitoring programs. The Norwegian Institute of Air Research (www.nilu.no) has a tower at the site, where air quality and atmospheric deposition are being measured since 1996, with data contributing to the EMEP and ACTRIS projects. In addition, the site is monitored since 1996 as an ICP-Forests level II plot by NIBIO, with regular measurements of soil water chemistry, throughfall, tree parameters, and others. The station is being equipped with eddy-covariance (EC) instruments compatible with ICOS requirements and will contribute data to the ICOS terrestrial network when testing and accreditation is completed.