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Colombia Coffee Value Chain Project

Daniel Londono who works for ECOM, in front of field of coffee plants. Photo: Håkon Borch/NIBIO.
Finished Last updated: 07.12.2022
End: dec 2021
Start: jan 2019

This project intends to promote inclusive growth in the largest agricultural sector in Colombia, by introducing innovative practices in the production and handling system of coffee.

Photo: Håkon Borch/NIBIO.
Toasting coffee. Photo: Karl Thunes/NIBIO.
Coffee factory in Colombia. Photo: Håkon Borch/NIBIO.
Start - end date 01.01.2019 - 31.12.2021
Project manager at Nibio Karl Thunes
Partners YARA, ECOM CCA, Caritas, The Colombian National Extension Service, The Universities of Manizales and Tolima, NIBIO
Funding source Norad and the private partners

Nearly 1100 coffee farmers will be able to produce more and better coffee with the assistance of agronomy experts from YARA and ECOM CCA, organize and develop capacities to improve livelihoods by Caritas, and have guaranteed markets to sell their product. The Colombian National Extension Service, The Universities of Manizales and Tolima, and NIBIO are resource partners in the project, which is funded by a joint effort between Norad and the private partners.

One of NIBIOs assignments is to develop a plan on how to treat waste products from the production of raw coffee beans. The process of separating the pulp from the bean requires a big volume of water and together with the organic waste represents a contamination challenge to soil and water. NIBIO’s task is to evaluate how the production plant ECOM is going to construct in Pitalito, Huila can best be equipped to transform the 180 tons/week wet organic matter into compost and treat 60 m3/day of wastewater. 

Residues from coffee production. Photo: Karl Thunes/NIBIO.