Photo: Anette Tjomsland

Address: NIBIO Holt
Holtveien 66, TROMSØ

NIBIO Holt is located on the west side of Tromsøya. It was first established as research farm in 1923.

Photo: Lise Haug Halvorsen.

Research sections at Holt

Forest and Climate Grassland and Livestock Invertebrate Pests and Weeds Land Inventory Land Resource Surveys Landscape Monitoring Natural resources and rural development
Preparing an experiment in the climate laboratory at Holt. Photo: Tor J. Johansen.

Regional focus

As a result of both political assignments and its traditional interests, the station has a strong focus on the whole region of northern Norway. NIBIO continues its active role in relation to the northern farming sector, and over the years a good network has been built up together with farmer organisations, the agricultural advisory service and the government agricultural agency. Through close collaboration with Nordnorsk Landbruksråd, the station has contributed to active commitments in R&D and to build up the concept of arctic agriculture. Holt has also for many years held the leadership of a competence network for local food in northern Norway.


Upon the establishment of NIBIO in 2015, Tromsø was designated as a mainstay in the northern region. Focus on arctic agriculture will remain strong, and is a great motivation factor for all our activities.

The climate laboratory is owned by and run in collaboration with Tromsø University – Norway’s Arctic University. It is one of only three such facilities in the country. It provides opportunities for experiments to be performed under controlled light and temperature conditions. Researcher Tor J. Johansen investigates how seed potatoes can be manipulated to make its offspring look more delicate. Photo: Anette Tjomsland.