Ås R9

Raveien 9 is located in the centre of Ås, where 80 NIBIO employees have their offices. Most of these belong to the Division of Geograhy and Statistics, whilst the remainder are divided between the Division of Food Production and Society and the Division of Corporate Management. Some offices are also sublet to external bodies.


It is primarily the Division of Geography and Statistics’ activities in the area of resource mapping and geomatics that are represented in R9. Their responsibilities include the running of the infrastructure for the institute’s geodata and information services, as well as establishing and maintaining the land resource maps (AR5), soil survey, vegetation mapping and landscape monitoring. In addition, they shall safeguard and represent the interests of agriculture in the national cooperation schemes for geodata: Norge digitalt, Geovekst and Norge i bilder. This also includes providing competency support in the management connected with geodata and land areal information. Finally, the Norwegian Genetic Resource Centre is also located at R9.

The Division of Food Production and Society is represented with most of its divisional staff as well as some researchers. The Division’s main task is to contribute with new knowledge on profitable and safe food production, the production of communal benefits as well as innovation and the creation of wealth throughout the country. Such new knowledge should be of value to farmers, companies related to the food production chain as well as to decision-makers in politics, government and society at large.